Once upon a timein Konkan


Memories will never die, the moments fade away, time passes by, but the beautiful memories we share in our heart lifetime are here to stay forever.

We four buddies Rashmin, Ganesh, Shashank, and Rohan got together for this memorable trip to konkan for 5 days from 15/08/09 to 19/08/09. We got together in August-Sept 2005 and since they have been best friends.Rashmin planned extensively for the trip with details and maps of all the locations to be covered.

Day1: 15 Aug, 09

11:00am Shirval:

We met together at Shirval in the middle of the swine flu scare that was  creating havoc all around. Though the Shashank was not feeling well and had a Sore throat for more than 5 days… We were bit worried for him and for trip as well🙂, we went to Nehru Hospital early in the morning and all of us were tense but after the doctor confirmed that he is perfectly all right we started our Konkan trip and picked Rohan from Shirval. Thus we started On Independence day our trip to freedom!

1:00 pm: Warandha Ghat:

This was the first attraction of the tour. There were waterfalls all around the ghat. The whole ghat was very beautiful with amazing scenic beauty.



4:00 pm: Diveagar

The next destination was dive-agar. We reached Diveagar via Bhor, Mahad and Mangaon. This was our starting point for Konkan Ghat and the Trip.

Ganesh Temple: The first attraction of the place was the Ganesh temple. The idol of the lord Ganesh is made up of Gold. The idol was found in the trunk to a lady belonging to Diveagar, in her betel nuts farm.

Diveagar Beach: This was the real experience of the Konkan, playing in the sea water. The water was extremely salty and the whole body of ours had become sticky due to the sand. Rohan, Ganesh & Shashank all were amazed to see the view of sea, they have experienced it first time in their lives.


Then we move along the coastline were trying to have a view of the sunset but due to the cloud cover it was not to be visible. And Ganesh was very much upset as the Our DigiCam’s battery was fully exhausted and we were not able to take his pics… We sat there for some moments and collect all those beautiful moments in our heart.



7.45 pm: Harihareshwar:

We started for Harihareshwar via Srivardhan and decided to stay there. While traveling to Harihareshwar the road was totally empty and we were too delighted to see other vehicles passing by. Finally we reach Harihareshwar and we realized that we are caught in trouble…. as no hotel was allowing accommodation to travelers due to swine flu scare. Somehow we managed to get a room in a weird  hotel in Rs. 550/- for a room with 4 beds.

The problem didn’t end here ,after that there was no one giving food in the town due to same reason. But finally we got a hotel where we had pleasure of eating Pomfret fish, this was the first time in our lives we ate Pomfret fish.


Day II: 16 Aug, 09

We visited the Harihareshwar beach early in the morning and had a brush on Beach, it was very pleasant but some what salty! It was lovely to see the boats with lights floating in the sea.



8.30am: Harihareshwar Temple

After getting ready the first thing was visiting the famous Harihareshwar temple. This is the Lord Shiva’s temple and its very old one with his own history behind it. From behind the temple, there was road to hill which had v-shaped valley view of sea and the coast of sea as well.


Then we packed  our bags to move ahead towards hilarious raft tour.

10:00 am: Raft tour

Konkan is the place where you will experience the things like no other place. The raft (ferry) is the perfect example of that. This is the large vehicle that can even carry bus from one shore  to other. We crossed the sea through this raft. This was first experience of raft for all the 4 of us.


The trip was no short of adventures, as we were moving towards Dapoli. We realized that we were short of diesel and our vehicle refuse to move ahead on the steep road to Kadyawarcha Ganpati. We were in such remote area that even a single human was not visible. Somehow we managed to get diesel in black at a place called Anjarle.

1pm: Ganpati temple

There was a ganesh temple on a top of the hill near Anjarle. This was called the Kadyawarcha Ganpati. On our right hand side we were having nothing but only the coast of sea and lot of Greenery.



2.30pm: Dapoli

In the afternoon we were in the Dapoli, we had snacks there & filled diesel and then moved towards Dabhol. We searched for something else too(VIP fuel) but were unlucky to get and my pals were bit disappointed.

4.20 pm: Chandika temple

The next destination we reached was the Chandika temple at about 8kms from Dabhol. This is a very ancient temple of Goddess Chandika and the idol of a goddess is in a underground Cave and it’s  Swayambhu (appeared on its own).


5:00 pm: Dabhol

There is the old masjid that we visited in dabhol and it was so grand that it  seemed as if it was a palace of old times.


Dabhol is known for the Enron power plant. But we were able to see it from as the entry was restricted.


5:10: Raft tour

Again we had to pass through the raft from Dabhol to Dhapade.



5.45pm: Gopalgad fort:

An amazing view of the sea could be seen from this fort and on the opposite side was the view of Enron power plant. This is first bit clear view of sunset though we cant see the Sun diving into the Sea, but still it was the wonderful experience out there.


6.30pm: Tolkeshwar light house:

The most unexpected & the best attraction of the day was the Talkeshwar light house. It was located near the sea on the top. It consisted of lamp of focal plane 104 m and this lamp was surrounded by prism which emitted a huge flash of the light.Tolkeshwar Point (Dabhol) (3)

The range of the this lighthouse is 10 km and it is visible from about 100 km. This is used for showing locations to the sailors. A beautiful view of the sunset was possible from this site but it was not possible due to cloud cover. Ganesh’s wish of seeing sunset was not fulfilled for 2nd day in succession


7.30pm: Guhagar

After a long & hard day we took a room at Guhagar & then went for dinner in the city. This was much cheap than that of Harihareshwar, people were really good and helped us to get a very good food in town.

9.30pm: Party at Lagoon Hotel & dinner at Rajgad hotel.

To celebrate the tour we had a grand party at both these hotel in Guhagar. Those were the unmemorable moments exclusively for Rashmin. Rohan spoke his heart out…. Pics not ALLOWED.


Day III:

07.00am: Guhagar:

Morning walk on beach had become a routine job, so in Guhagar also we had a walk along a beach. This was very clean and white sand beach.


10.20am: Velneshwar

The day 3 began with visiting a Shankar temple at Velneshwar.


11.00am: Hedvi: This is a beautiful Ganesh temple at Hedvi which we visited early in the morning. We were not allowed take photographs but we managed some how.



01.00pm: Ganpatipule

Then we headed towards the Ganpatipule temple.Its well known for the beauty this beach has and the Ganesha Temple at the bottom of the mountain and right on the cost of Sea.

The journey to Ganpatipule was Awesome….you can imagine from some of the pics.



Ganpatipule was the main attraction of the day. After having lunch here we visited the beautiful temple of lord Ganesha which is located along beach. It is said that the complete hill is considered as Ganesh. There is idol of mouse at the entrance of temple. It is said the wish we in its ears is fulfilled.


After visiting the temple we went to beach to play in water & had the best time in the clean sea water.



04.00pm: Ratnagiri

Ratnagiri is the city on the konkan coast & a beautiful place.

Lokmanya Tilak’s birth place:

We visited the house where the great freedom fighter of India Lokmanya Tilak was born and brought up.


05.00 pm: Thebaw  palace, Ratnagiri

There is this beautiful palace that was built by the  the Thebaw Palace was built for the exiled king and queen of Burma in 1911. There is a museum here but unfortunately it was closed on that day. So we had to see it only externally.



06.00pm: Swami Samarth Ashram, Pawas.

There is huge ashram at Pawas which we visited in the evening & very luckily were able to attend the aarti that took place in the evening. This was the pleasant experience that we have…atmosphere was such a devotional that we lost here for some time. We had some evening snacks here…Tea was excellent.


09.00pm: Talere

We reached at Talere near Rajapur & stayed there in a hotel named Nakshatra. This was the Best place that we rented in our whole tour.


Day IV:

We decided to wake up early and got ready very fast as we don’t wanted to waste our precious time. So we woke up really early, got ready and guess what…..our driver has done a blunder, he locked the car and some how forgot the keys inside !!! We were very fortunate too have one glass of car’s window bit open then we tried our best to pull the glass bit low and open the door.

Finally we succeeded…


09.00am: Vijaydurg Fort.

This is one of the strongest forts along the coast in the konkan. It has 27 buruj’s and was built in the 11th  century. There are huge metal Gun kept in the fort. Helium gas was found on this fort and there was a helium day program on that day.



11.30am: Kunkeshwar temple.

This is a beautiful temple which we visited which also had a good view of sea.


01.00pm: Malvan

We reached malvan which is called gateway of Sindhudurg. We went on the port but saw the fort from away as we didn’t had enough time to see the fort which is located in the middle of sea.

The other major other disappointments were that Snorkeling and houseboat both at Tarkarli 18kms from Malvan were closed for monsoon. So we had malvani lunch & went ahead. Also we visit the Ganesh temple here the idol is made up of Gold.



04.30pm: Vengurla

Church: There is a beautiful roman catholic church at vengurla which we visited. And we purchased the Cashew nuts from here only.


Vengurla beach: We also had a short visit to beach at vengurla.

06.00pm: Reddy

We visited the famous Ganesh temple at Reddy and also made a walk along the reddy beach. All of us were feeling sad as the trip was towards an end.



08.00pm: Sawantwadi

We reached here at night & saw it for about 15 minutes. It was a very beautiful city along NH-17

08.0pm: Amboli Ghat

As we were going  towards Ajara, we passed the amboli ghat which was big ghat & there were waterfalls in the ghat. How it been a day it would be great to see the scenic beauty from this ghat.

09.50pm: Aajra

We reached Ajara where Rashmin’s brother Sandeep works. We had dinner there and stayed at Sandeep’s  place that night.


Day –V

09.00am: Shivaji University

We entered the Kolhapur & visited the university firstly; This is the University for the Districts of Kolhapur, Sangli, Satara.



10.00am: Misal.

Then we had a famous Kolhapuri  Misal at Phadatare in Udyamnagar.

11.30am: Mahalakshmi Temple

We visited the Mahalakshmi temple of Kolhapur & took the blessings of the Goddess.

12.00pm: Shahu palace museum

This is a fabulous museum of his highness Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj, the honorable king of the Kolhapur. This museum consists of all his belongings & the history of all social work that he had made.


There is also a small zoo outside this palace where we can see ostriches, peacocks and deers.

01.00pm: Jyotiba temple

Jyotiba temple is located on a top of a hill 20kms from Kolhapur. We visited this temple in afternoon.This was the beginning of return journey.

05.30pm: Menavli, Wai

On the way to Pune we visited Wai.. It is on the Krishna ghat here that the shooting of movies viz. Swades, Mangal Pandey, Jis desh me ganga rehta hai had taken place. We had great food at Rohan’s home in Wai.This is a beautiful place & all the four were emotional leaving this place.


We bring the best out of life when we four Rashmin, Shashank, Ganesh, Rohan are together. No matter what problems we have in lives but when we come together then we forget it & live life joyfully because it is a gift from god & have to be lived thoroughly.

This trip was a perfect example of it. These 5 days just passed by like 5 moments but it gave us memories that we can cherish for 5 lives.


We promise that very soon we will be back with another magnificent trip like this one.

This is not the end but the beginning.


I closed the door on yesterday & threw the key away,

Tomorrow has no fear for me since I have found the day.

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गर्मियों का मौसम

गर्मियों का मौसम आते ही
कुछ यादें ताज़ा हो जाती हैं।

उन भूली बिसरी यादों से आज भी
मेरी आँखें नम हो जाती हैं।

वो परीक्षा के क्षण याद आते हैं
जब कड़ी दोपहरी में पिताजी
पहाड़े सिखाया करते थे और
माँ चुपके से कैरी का पना
देने के बहाने सारे पहाड़े
सुलझा देती थी मेरे लिए।

बड़े भाई रोज़ सवेरे साइकिल
पर बैठा कर पाठशाला ले जाते
बीच की छुट्टी में मुझे ढूँढ़ते
और बर्फ का गोला या फिर
चॉकलेट मुझे रोज़ दिलवाते
फिर कड़कती धूप में वापस घर लाते।

घर में छोटा होने का अक्सर
मुझे बहुत फायदा होता था
कोई चीज़ नहीं मिलने पर
मैं बहुत रोता था
फिर माँ प्यार से मुझको मनाती
कभी हलवा कभी खीर खिलाती।

ये छोटी छोटी चीज़े आज
बहुत याद आती हैं।
ए-सी ऑफिस में बैठ कर
कोका-कोला को अक्सर
ठुकरा देता हूँ आज भी मैं
उस कैरी के पने की याद आती है।

जब भैया की याद आती है
अपनी मोटर-साइकिल को छोड़
कर अक्सर अपने ऑफिस बॉय
की साइकिल चलाने का मन होता है।
जिन्होंने मुझे जूते की
फीते बांधना सिखाया था
उनके पैरों में गिर
जाने का मन होता है।


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Hamare doston pe hame naaz aaj bhi hai
Jo paal saath gujare to vo yaad aaj bhi hai
Gujar jayenge jindagi ke paal is kasmash main yu hi

Par HUMARI dastane duniya ko yaad aaj bhi hain……..!!
– Mayank Sharma

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The Man In The Glass

The Man In The Glass.

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ishq dil ka dard ya dardo ki dawa,kuch keh nahi sakta
par ishq kiye bina me reh nahi sakta…
ishq me milta hai gume ulfat ya dilbar ki dua
yeh dikhata hai khwaab ya koi so nahi sakta,
humne bhi karna chaha jab ishq to
dil bola yeh ho jata hai koi kar nahi sakta,
nazar aati hai bus ek surat uski sada,
main dekh lo koi aur chera yeh ho nahi sakta,
sunai deti hai sirf pyar ka ek geet uski dhadkano me
main sun loon koi aur nagma yeh ho nahi sakta,
aankhon se hoti bate hai hab hamesha
main labo se kuch bolu yeh ho nahi sakta,
agar yeh ishq jhoot hai,chalwa hai , dikhawa hai
to is jahan me bhi koi khuda ho nahi sakta….

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Good share

The Popular Front (Alo Marsha!)

Hazaaron Khwaishen Aisi is the Anthem of the ghazal buff. Everyone that reads Ghalib and Urdu sher has a translation. To some it’s philosophy (where inexplicably, the beloved is god, and the winestore is “nirvana”. ) to others it’s drunk poetry where , as the poet goes deeper into the ghazal it becomes bloodier and filled with morose thoughts of self mutilation and pain(..funerals…death…last breath….).

This is an attempt to translate the poetry, and it tuns out all is well in the romance.

Edited in later : I’m adding the literal translation of the words, when they differ significantly from my poetic translation , below, in smaller font.)


(The clip above is from the serial “Mirza Ghalib” Gulzar directs, Naseerudin Shah acts, Jagjit Singh Sings the Ghazal)

hazaaro.n Khvaahishe.n aisii ki har Khvaaish pe dam nikale
bahut nikale mere armaa.N lekin phir bhii kam nikale

There are thousands of…

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Matrix Quotes—-

Agent Smith: Why, Mr. Anderson? Why do you do it? Why get up? Why keep fighting? Do you believe you’re fighting for something? For more than your survival? Can you tell me what it is? Do you even know? Is it freedom? Or truth? Perhaps peace? Yes? No? Could it be for love? Illusions, Mr. Anderson. Vagaries of perception. The temporary constructs of a feeble human intellect trying desperately to justify an existence that is without meaning or purpose. And all of them as artificial as the Matrix itself, although only a human mind could invent something as insipid as love. You must be able to see it, Mr. Anderson. You must know it by now. You can’t win. It’s pointless to keep fighting. Why, Mr. Anderson? Why? Why do you persist? 

Neo: Because I choose to.

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